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DOWNLOAD NOW. Sagging Zone Coverage Sagging Zone Coverage is one of my favorite Defensive Zone Coverage setups of all time. I love the fact that you can be aggressive, create turnovers, but at the same time never be out-manned in front of your own net. In this clip, we see Team Canada execute Sagging Zone Coverage masterfully.

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Players must maintain an active stick and take away shooting and passing lanes in order to keep the puck away from our net and out of the house. While maintaining a Defensive Zone coverage players should push the puck to the outside and cut the ice in half in order to take away the opponents time and space. Blocking shots is another key aspect.

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Box +1 is an excellent introductory defensive zone coverage set-up. I have used the Box +1 as an introductory defensive zone coverage set-up for a number of teams ranging from talented youngsters to beginner adults. The Box +1 is a great way to introduce structured defensive zone positioning, without a lot of risk. It is a passive system, which.

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The "Sagging" Zone is a more aggressive defensive zone coverage set-up that will cause more turnovers than the less aggressive Box +1. In this video, we walk through the "Sagging" Zone set-up. I really like the risk level of this particular set-up. It is quite aggressive, but by dropping your weak-side winger down into the low slot, you.

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The defensive zone is the area behind the blue line that contains the goal each team is defending. The playing surface in hockey is broken up by two blue lines that signify each team's defensive zone. The hockey defensive zone is commonly referred to as the "D-zone.". Teams need to have a strong defensive strategy to protect their.

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This drill focuses on the routes defending players will to take pressure the puck carrier. This drill goes hand in hand with instructing defensive zone cover.

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These drills and practices can be modified to become more basic or more advanced. Practice Theme: The drills in this practice are designed to help your players practice defensive zone concepts, skills, habits, and coverage. Coaching Points (these should be reinforced in every drill): Keep sticks on the ice: always keep your sticks on the ice in.

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In this video Denis Savard goes over Defensive Zone Coverage. More of Denis' videos can be viewed at: https://www.icehockeysystems.com/savard-sessions

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This is a great drill to start to teach defensive zone coverage basics. Players learn to back check to an area then how to rotate their positions when the pu.

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Defensive zone coverage is a critical aspect of hockey that requires teamwork, communication, and strategic positioning. It is crucial for defensive players to effectively neutralize the opponent's offensive threat, prevent scoring chances, and regain puck possession to transition into offensive plays.

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Here's the diagram and explanation: Center Pass Variation 1: 1. Coach dumps the puck into the corner 2. First player in white line goes and gets it 3. Next player in line goes to the front of the net 4. Pass out from the corner, shot on goal Variation 2: 1. Coach dumps the puck into the corner 2.

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Description. Start in the formation of a Box +1. RD is in the corner trying to turnover the puck possession. (Red) If the puck squirts behind the net, LD then chases the puck, with C sliding into LD's position, and RD taking the weakside goal position that C left. (Blue) If the puck then continues to travel along the boards on the left side.

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Purpose: To introduce defensive-zone concepts through a small game. This drill is great for teaching defensive details while providing players many repetitions and a progression up to your five-player defensive-zone coverage. Coaching Points: Start with one offensive player (without puck) in each corner (X1 & X2). These players should be facing.

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I like this one because it lets you work on the defensive zone coverage skating patterns while getting some conditioning in. Here's the diagram: 5-Card Skating Drill 1. Players start in 5-card formation 2. On whistle, each position skates full speed out to his or her designated attack area, pivots, then skates backward into 5-card position 3.

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Description. Coach chips the puck deep to C1 in the corner and five players move into their basic defensive positions. On the whistle, C1 moves the puck over to the other corner to C2 and the players shift their D positioning over to the other side. Next whistle, C2 releases the puck and the five players break out down the ice 5vs0. "Five on.